Wednesday, February 6, 2019

These three poems are all based upon time, they all show time passing :: English Literature

These three poems are altogether based upon m, they all show while passing and how it effects human life and nature. to his coyThese three poems are all based upon clock, they all show era passingand how it effects human life and nature. to his coy mistress shows while passing as the poet tries to say that time doesnt come through continuously ,and that you should make the intimately if youth, because one day it allowall be over and you will be getting old. to the virgins make much oftime in addition shows a very similar entree of how you should make themost.Ozymandias shows time passing by saying that structures willout do muckle and that nothing can prevent time stopping, eventuallyit will grip up on us all.The poem to his coy mistress is a poem of great passion to ask the adult female if she will catch him and also go to bed with him. It is a poemof originality and the language use in the poem is very soft textureand content. The poem is furcate up into three sectio ns one part isif, the second part is but, and the last part is therefore. Alltheses show a different view of how he is persuading her to do allthese things. The rhythm and rhyme of the poem to reinforce thearguments a used by rhyming couplets, which create a light heartedapproach on the poem. The first two capers of the poem relate to thesubject of time by saying, that if there was enough time and if lifewas longer thence we could see much more things and, do more things witheach other, it also uses the word villainy which I used to show that itis no crime for us to do things together. The third and fourth linesshow the man and the woman and how they could live their lives withoutrushing, because life would be longer than before. On lines 5-7 thepoet compares the woman to the group and himself to the Humber isused as a tone of mockery and is meant to be a joke.Line 10 shows the flood which is a biblical reference show thathe will love her even before this point. On line 23-25 it shows howshe will get old very quick and that you should make the most of yourlife, because one day it will be forgotten and your beauty will havefaded. On lines 28-29 there are stops before the end, this is the poet

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