Monday, February 4, 2019

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Just War TheoryQuestions About The War I think the just contend tradition is a great mode to rate if a fight is re bothy worth fighting or is it really not worth fighting. For the first law Just Cause, yes I would say that we as the United States arouse just cause to break the terrorist attacks because it is really starting to get out of hand. The Second law relative Justice yes I would say that we have comparative justice because we have definitely suffered more than Afghanistan because we have lost many more hatful in their attacks than they have in any of our attacks. The Third Law legalise Authority is definitely being used in our rude to set forth our war against terrorism. Our highest rank is the president and he is the one that did declare war against terrorism. The Fourth Law Right Intention, yes I do think that right hand intention is being used because they killed 4500 of our citizens and all we are doing is wiping out terrorism not necessarily killing any p eople. We as a country just want to out do the terrorist actions and bring peace to all countries. The Fifth Law Probability of Success, yes I think that the probability of succeeder is greater than the probability of success for the terrorists. The probability of success against terrorism is greater to prevail because the United States and Britain are just taking the initial shade and if any thing goes wrong the United States has 90% of the other countries around the world to help us if we need them. The Sixth Law balance is being put in effect that they keep the civilian casualties conquer to a minimum because that is not the purpose of the war and after the war the will have out done evil and the good and quiet will prevail.

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