Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Respose to “He-y, Come on Ou-t!” by Shinichi Hoshi Essay

What would a support be without sunshine or moonlight, without the sound of the wind rushing through the trees, the smell of crisp dusk air, or without the feel of dewy grass brushing our feet? Our environment gives us a source of peace, happiness and relaxation. But what about a life filled with ringing cell phones, angry bosses, tight deadlines and traffic jams? animated with these aggravations causes us stress, anger and chaos, but what argon the benefits? Oh, but of course How could I forget about money People will go to every lengths for prosperity, even as far as destroying our precious environment. Shinichi Hoshi demonstrates this mania in his short story He-y, Come on Ou-t.Upon the discovery of the infinite hole, we are first introduced to mans willingness to sacrifice the Earths well- beingness. A concessionaire claims the hole with a profitable plot in bear in mind and launches a vigorous campaign. Weve got a fabulously deep hole Scientists place its at least five tho usand meters deep undefiled for the disposal of such things as waste from nuclear reactors (154), he chanted. Since its not environmentally safe to dispose of nuclear waste higher up ground, it must be perfectly harmless to put it in ground, secure? Id hoped that the villagers would object to this ridiculous arrangement, and they did. They balked at the idea until it was explained that at that place would be absolutely no above-ground contamination for several thousand historic period and that they would share in the profits.Into the bargain, a magnificent lane was built from the urban center to the village (154). I am sadly disappointed in you, villagers. You are all in the mindset of Oh, it wont affect us for awhile, plus were getting money and a new road What could be wrong with that? Has it not occurred to you that even though you are benefiting from this proposal, that it office be causing harm elsewhere, in serious areas such as the environment? Of course not As human beings we dislike sentiment about the eventual consequences (155) and are extremely ambitious, therefore being a great deal too absent-minded with our thoughts of success and growth.Our society has become so preoccupied with visions of wealth and expansion that weve failed to notice the state of our weakening environment. We are concentrating only on producing one thing after another (155), no payoffthe price the Earth is forced to pay. I have a impregnable time to believe that such an intelligent species could be so awful ignorant about such a matter. Although some are cognisant of the way we are wrecking havoc against our planet, so little being done to protect our earth. We all need to realize that all of our egoistical and inconsiderate deeds that we are pressing upon our planet will be back to haunt us. We are sitting in the drivers seat, chattering away on our cell phones, too engrossed to space the danger. In the blink of an eye we see the impending collision, but i ts too late. We are all so absorbed with dollar signs that we undersurfacet appreciate Mother Earths true value. The man, however, was gazing in idle reverie at the citys skyline emergence ever more beautiful, and he failed to notice (155).

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