Thursday, February 14, 2019

Pigs Cant Fly Essay -- Childrens Books Literature Essays

Pigs Cant fly Why? Amma said. Because the sky is so high and pigs cant fly, thats wherefore. --From Pigs Cant FlyThe why and because of life is often best captured by children, for they, as the relatively little heartyized individuals in society, will often innocently question the social myths we, the heavy(a)s, always take for granted and as the faithfulness. Hence, adults ar usually at a loss as to the because when children ask in that cruelly direct way why certain things happen, or why certain things are the way they are in society. Many adults apparently brush tally the childrens disturbing questions, either telling the children to leave well al 1 or replying with an answer that has absolutely no relation to the original question, as Arjies obtain does in Pigs Cant Fly. How of all time, question though they may, children do not guard the ability to comprehend the complex societal boundaries they transgress. Intelligent comment of what we take on as our social real ity must come from adult minds. actually often though, a literary text is able to dexterously survive both the poignancy of childhood and the sharp perspective of a maturate consciousness to better question the social myths we assume to be truth and reality. Pigs Cant Fly is such a text, and it achieves its blend of childhood poignancy and adult maturity through the literary devices of narrator and narratee.The narrator in Pigs Cant Fly is a young child of seven, and the whole story is related to us through his childish perspective, except for a brief moment when we adhere a sense of an older Arjie, who tells us that the remembered innocence of childhood is like a shot lost to him forever. The narratee, the person whom the author assumes the story is to be told to, is howe... ...s a criticism of the social myths we wrap comfortably around ourselves as reality, my reading requires a narratee who has a certain background in social criticism and who may be interested in reading t he story in this way. However, many another(prenominal) readings may be derived from Pigs Cant Fly, and hence I feel it is enough to simply understand that the story is essentially about the alienation and loneliness one feels at not being what society expects, and empathy with such a person, sort of of bristling self righteousness will better serve towards peace and security deposit in our societies, than all the wealth or knowledge we can ever garner. BibliographyChatman, Seymour. Narration Narrator and Narratee. Reading Narrative Fiction. Ed. Seymour Chatman. brand-new York Macmillan, 1993. 130-141.Selvadurai, Shyam. Pigs Cant Fly. Funny Boy. New York Vintage, 1995. 1-40.

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