Sunday, August 25, 2019

Service operations and manufacturing operation Essay

Service operations and manufacturing operation - Essay Example This is to create a basis for comparison. For the article, it is evident that the service operation system has higher capabilities than the manufacturing operations system because of its structural functionalities. The system has the capability to relate with the customer on healthy grounds; it is also able to markets its services, as there are direct relationships with the consumers. On the other hand, there is an analysis on the deficiencies of the manufacturing system. There is also a discussion on the benefits behind the integration of the two systems. From the discussion relating to the difference, it is evident that, there will be an improvement in supervision, operations, and the cost of production. Introduction Service, manufacturing, and agriculture are the key economic activities in any economy. In most of the developed nations, services and manufacturing sectors of the economy constitute around 75% of the Gross Domestic Product. However, in the recent decades the growth and development is as a result of these sectors of the economy. For the last ten years, it is evident that the service sector in the economy has steadily increased from 40% to 53%. This is in reference to the world’s economy. Growth of sectors such as the IT sector is the key factors leading to the admirable change. If we refer to the history of economics, it is evident that exceedingly few governments had a taxing system to charge the service industry.

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