Saturday, August 10, 2019

Fuel Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Fuel - Case Study Example Hydrogen flows into the anode while oxygen flows into the cathode. The catalyst splits the oxygen into two negative atoms: the two opposite elements (hydrogen and oxygen) attract and pair and the end products of this chemical reaction are water, heat and electricity (Caitlyn 43) Amory Lovins opines that many of the objections against the use of hydrogen are either myths or can be overcome. He believes that hydrogen has a place in the modern world because those objections are based on ill-formed commentaries (Sadoway 56). Its advantages include; The proponents’ views are the most persuasive because there is a lot yet to be discovered about this fuel because it is relatively new. It is a clean energy initiative because the fact that it doesn’t produce harmful emissions makes it environmental friendly. These benefits of hydrogen economy will help us move towards a more sustainable energy economy (Amory 56). In the modern society, there is a place for hydrogen. The fact that this fuel is nontoxic makes it a rare source of energy because other hazardous sources can’t compete against it. Both it’s by products are environment friendly. Its energy is powerful enough to be very efficient compared to other sources and water is used in spaceships. Lastly, it is not a super clean and affordable fuel we expect it to be, but with time it will change because it is relatively new at the

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