Thursday, August 15, 2019

Agriculture and Environment Essay

INTRODUCTION The word rag – means torn clothes. Due to some or other reasons, we have cultivated an environment, where some students believe that they are seniors and therefore they have the right to be respected. There is a false sense of hierarchy, particularly in Indian mindset. There are false notions of superiority. It is a fact that this kind of ego or hierarchy is destructive at all levels. A person today wont respect his teacher or his parents, if he/ she is tortured by that – so what to talk about ragging. Respect and human dignity is a fundamental right of every person. The false notions of hierarchy and self importance, creates a spirit of ragging – where some people force others to respect them and play at their desires. RAGGING IN INSTITUTIONS When a person joins a new institution, the person is already afraid, nervous and disturbed. In such a position, the person needs mental support – and this person is vulnerable at this stage – because he / she is in a stage of transition. He must get support from teachers and all concerned. I am against the use of senior or junior words – in an academic environment, where we wish to promote equality, fraternity – every one is equal – so this kind of spirit – the spirit of junior or senior will kill this equality which is required for true academic ambiance. True academic environment develops, where there is complete fraternity – and even teachers and directors treat others as mature human beings and give them due dignity. For cultivating mutual respect, mutual understanding – we need an environment – where people try to offer space to every person and extend a willing helping hand. True understanding develops out of close interaction and collective efforts in some focused directions. We can create a true group environment by cultivating a goal orientation and by forming groups –where people join together across different disciplines and different backgrounds. RAGGING TO AVOID FEAR Ragging is a very heinous practice – in the name of introduction. Introduction must be there- but it must start from the seniors. The junior shave to get love from seniors – then only we will find equality and fraternity. It is like giving love to a new bride in a home – where everyone surrounds the new bride and gives her due care – so that she feels at home. A new student also needs similar love and care and we can create a truly friendly entombment. The heads of the institutions must take positive initiatives for creating introduction between different students and must form voluntary groups. If the heads of the institutions – don’t care for all these – the students create evil practices like ragging – therefore truly the heads of the institutions are responsible for not cultivating the right environment of mutual collaboration, trust, and openness among the academic fraternity and for creating an ambiance for proper inductio n of a new student . SHOULD THERE BE RAGGING OR NOT a marginal level of introduction may be there – but it should not hurt any persons’ feelings. It is just for enjoyment it should be light. In a professional institution every person should be able to interact with each other it is possible if they introduce each other if they introduce each other they are able to interact better. If there is no ragging the interaction will be less ,ragging will foster interaction, seniors will be able to help their juniors the students will be able to help each others. It is a positive activity for promoting interaction among students it will create a family environment. But now a days in some institutions, anti-social elements are using ragging as a cheap activity. RAGGING A RIVALRY There are many ways to promote interaction. The word rag means use of force when you are using forcing a person to interact it will not work. Ragging must be completely eliminated from institutions it is destruction of a goodculture. It creates gap between seniors and juniors – people want equality and friendly environment – ragging only creates levels and gaps. A person will get depressed and frustrated if that person finds a very depressing environment like ragging. Some students don’t go to college in fear of their seniors. Ragging is completely against the juniors. The seniors force their juniors to do many things in the name of entertainment. When these juniors are able to get united, they start fighting with their seniors and there is rivalry. If we are talking about professional institutions, we should create a helping environment – there are many ways the students can interact with each others and help them in their development. If seniors want, th ey can help their juniors in their development – without ragging. RAGGING IN THE WRONG PATH Ragging is fear causing. The world is full of risks and fear and we have to get prepared to face the world. We have to face the real world. We have to face these challenges and we have to accept these challenges. We are saying that ragging must be removed – but how will you remove fear from the world. Ragging prepares you to face the real world. Introduction is different from ragging how will a junior remember a senior in positive terms if he remembers that he was tortured by the senior. If one want to learn professional manners he can use positive manners and friendly environment. We can tell them in a friendly environment , ragging is not useful for this purpose. It creates mental tensions. CONCLUSION Ragging has completely changed due to ragging there are cases of deaths even and so ragging must change , many institutions have completely banned ragging. AICTE and government have also banned ragging.

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